Going Cold Turkey over Facebook for a while and living life on my own terms

I have very big dreams; some of which are indeed too big even to my humongous self esteem that I sometimes look at them with scepticism. My aspirations seem to stay at bay and I doesn’t seem to make any appreciable progress towards them. Though it is very comfortable to attribute lack of resources and unsupportive circumstances to the lack of progress,but truly it is my poor time management which is undermining my efforts. Since social media is making the headlines lately for eating away people’s time, I too wanted to jump into that train and said Facebook is responsible for all my misery and stopped using it to save my precious time. But after 3 months of abstaining myself from using Facebook, it’s not just the time I gained, but a lot more.

Quitting Facebook was very easy, because over the years that social media website has increasingly disinterested me. Initially, I was on the website for the human connections it offered, but when the website evolved into a meme sharing platform and now recently after the social media company’s shift in focus to promote video content I became dead to the world on Facebook. But still my scroll hungry thumbs kept me finding myself back in the app again and again. So, I stopped using Facebook thinking to save time (Though I didn’t delete my account in order to use the convenience of using the FB login option on other websites online), but ended up improving my emotional health.

The most alarming aspect about my addiction to the website is how it influences my thought process. The bottom line of these kind of social media websites is about either what we think about others or what others think about us. The likes and comments increases our drive to please others and force us into a continuous loop of judging each other. Social media incentivizes pretentious behaviour and the romanticization of the distorted reality of people’s life seen through their social media posts is depressing to witness. The usual never becomes a trend and the peer pressure to follow the trend throws us off from the reality of life and keeps us in the pursuit of finding the novelties to be relevant and well liked on these websites. Also, by quitting social media for a while I said good riddance to all those heart break posts, totally ineffective motivational posts, completely irrelevant captioned posts, constant bother of notifications and waste of time on fake life hack videos. This enabled me to reassess my priorities and changed the focus from what’s popular on the internet to what really interests me.

My internet is no longer curated by the 300 something people in my friends list, most of whom I don’t even know in a personal note. I can’t get rid of social media altogether for good, because it has became almost an integral part of the social life of most people and I can’t afford to miss out on that front. But by quitting the habit of unmindfully surfing those sites is being an huge paradigm shift and is saving a lot of mental effort. It helped me unclutter my mind and gave me control over my time. I still am available on all the social media, but on my own terms.


Am I a Cyborg?

Powering ON… Power ON self-test complete… Finding Boot device… Loading Operating System… Transferring control… System is up and running. I have always had an inconsolable disappointment with the design of our human body. Though many may consider it a wonder machine, I see it’s design and built quality very restricting and fragile respectively. But we seem to have an excellent Brain which compensates for all the short-comings of our physical selves and thanks to it we can fly like a bird, swim like a fish and live life like no other living thing on the planet. Unlike other living things the process of evolution seem to be concentrated more on the brain than on our body. Over the last 20,000 years the human’s brain size has decreased from about 1500 cu. cm to 1350 cu. cm. The decrease in size might not mean that we are becoming dumber or our brains are becoming more efficient or it may be simply because we just don’t need a larger brain to ensure our survival now-a-days.

The process of evolution is no longer natural in our world. Human influence is present in almost every aspect of our world’s functioning; Thanks to global warming and climate change it is reaching even to those places which humans didn’t mind bothering before. The process of selection has now come to the hands of people who wield power and influence in the world. Advancements in technology has been the greatest influencer of all. Increased food security and better health care are what influenced human evolution in the near past and present, but in my opinion the biggest player in the course of human evolution is just arriving and it is going to be as influential as the human’s adoption of agriculture as a livelihood. And it is going to be our personal computing devices. The more powerful and smaller these devices got it has become easier to integrate them into all facets of our lives. Now almost everyone carries one in their pockets or on their wrists. I’m not referring to the disputed claims of radiation effect of these devices on the human physic, but their psychophysical effect on us. Smartphones have made our lives so simple that we no longer calculate what 34 x 91 is in the hard way, we ask our smartphones to do it. We no longer have to keep things in memory, our smartphones will keep remainders for us. The availability and access to food has been the greatest factor in human evolution and now smartphones have made food just a app’s distance away. Though smartphones are not the only technology which enabled these advancements, they are the ones which act as a gateway to access these other technology. So, now with the advent of these devices we no longer use our brains in the way we used to before. These devices have provided an easy alternative to almost every mundane but extensive brain usage of us. They are affecting our decision making too with their recommendation and best offer suggestions. The adaptation of agriculture meant that humans no longer have to constantly be on an alert and look for food. This relatively relaxed lifestyle meant we don’t need bigger brains to stay alive. The same is happening now, these devices are making life simpler for us so that we no longer have to burden our brains like we used to before and this reduced usage will lead to a evolutionary removal of wasteful or excessive parts of the brain.

Looks like we are already having an cyborgic relationship with our smartphones. This doesn’t mean that we are losing our brain power due to these devices but our brains are improving themselves to use these more powerful tools. So the future of evolution is not going to be all biological but the cyborgic integration and the adaptation of our bodies to the technologies of our time to improve our chances for enhanced living and no longer just survival.


Why the rabbit lost the Race?

“You have to do this, because you can do this”, said the voices around me. This was followed by a very familiar list of reasons why I should win this race. I know; being born as a rabbit hopping around on these furry little legs is no unusual thing to be expected of me and also I know that I’m not very good at doing anything else, but there is a lot of difference between running out of joy, running away from a predator and running around for a reason which you don’t fully understand. The motivation matters. The reason which gets me running determines how well and how long I run. Since, running has been the only thing which I have always done I have ran out all the nice parts of running. It’s no longer fun as I have experienced it in all it’s forms. Now every time I run, I compare it with a benchmark of yesteryears from when I was still enjoying this process, to a remorseful end because there is a perfect image of running in my mind which I believe that I had for real in the past. The present always falls too short of it. These things don’t prevent me from running, for my life depends on me running. But, it’s a unsatisfying one. I constantly feel a void which never seem to get filled by anything I fill it with.

Now to make things even worse I have been pitted against a turtle to prove myself. Typically I should have been enraged by this belittling competition, but I’m not because I’m far too lost to worry about these superficial stereotypes of the society. Is there an end to this all encompassing void I feel. I think the way out of here is to stop running. People would say that I would lose my identity if I stop running, to them I ask “who defined me this way?”. I didn’t choose to be this way. I once loved running, I still do but not in the current form I do it. I chose not to run in this race. Not, because I was afraid, or due to incompetence, or because I think little of the competition but just because I don’t feel like running. I’m the rabbit who chose not to run, but the world sees me as a loser who inspite of being a rabbit lost to a Turtle.


If I were a god

If I were a god, would I change anything in the current state of things in the world, or would I have created the world in this way in the first place. But, is playing god always about creating or destroying things? Why not live the life like a god? Who wouldn’t want a life where everything they ask for happens…

You don’t really need everything to live a life like god. There are only a few things which matter, and those too matter only with a few people. Of the few who does matter, one will trump them all. This is the most difficult enigma of all, you don’t know which one it is. Being a god would greatly help here. If not you choose the right option, you can atleast make the chosen one the right one. I don’t think even godly powers would be of any use to me for the mission I have in mind. Falling in love for a women is too easy, but making her feel the same way towards us is truly an herculian task. If Battling the self-doubts and breaking through that unreasonably poor self-image is half the battle, then gathering up the courage to announce the unspoken is the even more difficult other half. Not all battles end in victory. In life there are a lot of wars to fight, so is this the one I should be fighting? Battle after battle, defeat after defeat persistence may eventually pay off, but what if this isn’t the war I must be waging? What if this was not against the right opponent? What if defeat is inevitable? Would I have the time and the heart to wage another war when the next right person comes along? Being a god would greatly help. If I were a god, I would…


The Millennial’s Mind – 4

When humans find incomprehensible things they either dread it or admire it. The meaning of life is one such thing which has forever remained uncomprehended or at least by the majority of us. My fascination towards this greatest enigma of all grows with every passing second and every new human I meet. This quest of finding the meaning of our existence enthralls me, and my way of going about this quest is to ask my fellow millennials the questions I seek to answer myself. I’m like a lost traveler in the wilderness who needs to find his way back home, but couldn’t on his own. I tend to ask every passerby the way to home. Sometimes they tell me the Your view point about societyway to their home and sometimes they are as lost as me. I’m not sure whether the home I claim to have really exists, but I know for certain that there is a road which leads to my home.

This is one such inquiry I made my friend in my quest which showed me new roads and new light to consider walking on.

My opinion about meaning of life…

I feel there’s no meaning to it and that’s WHAT’S magical about this word ‘LIFE’! I feel life is something YOU give meaning to rather than it having its own meaning. Whatever and however you want, life will be that way for you. Life is something which cannot, or else conveniently, should not be defined. Because definitions don’t change with time! 😅

Your view point about society…

Society is probably the best thing prevalent in the worst form in today’s world. The most ironical part is we rarely receive anything from it but still we care for it the most UNLIKE any other thing. Where it should be opposite! Ain’t it?
What else can best explain it than “LOG KYA KAHENGE”
This is a very common phrase used by every second person for the smallest of their actions which means – “what will the people say?”
But I won’t say society doesn’t give you freedom. It gives you entire freedom to think and not act but just fake out. Society gives you FREE MASKS! woah, something without cost! Thanks to our amazing society!!
But on the other hand, this society itself gives people an amazing platform to rise because you will break the rules only when they are made.. Right? So let the society do its own job and you counterpart it! Justified.. Isn’t it?

What are the values along which you wish to live your life…

Honesty would sum up the entire slot of values i wish to lead my life along! And I use the word ‘Wish’ here because obviously I can’t follow it every time. Situations don’t lemme do so.
And when I say honesty, I mean it in every sense, most importantly Being honest to my own self!

…about the life of a women in the modern world?

Well, the life of a woman in the modern world – I feel its way way better as compared to initial times but at the same time Not!
Because it all starts with the roots. And somewhere the fact that women’s life is better now still disturbs many and its deep rooted. So until and unless every (EACH AND EVERY INDIVIDUAL) individual’s thinking doesn’t change, it will still remain a barrier.

Your opinion on…


Hah LOVE! The whole world revolves over this 4-lettered-word.. Isnt it?
It’s such a simple gesture but still ironically all of us strangely crave for the same! Love comes in all forms, we just fail to see it. Love is just not when someone goes down on his/her knees to tell you that he/she loves you. It might be the scoldings of ur professor, anger of ur friend or maybe even a smile from ur maid or the watchman. Love is beautiful! We all have love around us at each and every moment. We just fail to feel and acknowledge it


I was a Travel freak at some point of time but as they say, ‘Too much of everything is also bad’ so I hv kinda got saturated. But eventually it doesn’t completely take away my interest and it still amazes me in seeing places, exchanging smiles with new people , leaving my footprints on various sands… Its fun!

Work ethics…

Work ethics for me means professionalism. When it comes to work, it means you work on your maximum scale giving the best you can and do justice to it! And once you are a professional, that’s when your work ethics automatically give the best output.


wait maybe i shouldn’t write this combination of three letters together.. Haha! Because ironically sex is not to be talked about. That’s how we are taught from our childhood.. Ain’t it? And having sex, according to the society you do not even deserve to live!
In my opinion, sex is the purest and most divine thing in a relationship because you surrender your own self to someone and this when done with consent, is divine.
But nowadays culture is changing to casual sex. It has merely become a reason for relationship survival and sometimes even the opposite – break ups. High time, people should realize that not all of things can be handled casually. Sex education is a very important factor in this regard. It should be promoted!


The best thing practised in the worst way! I would rather synonym the term as Business! And probably the most flourishing business today haha…
Religion, in its true form, is way too ubiquitous as seen! Religion is pure. Religion is a gratitude to the supernatural power which is the reason behind the formation of the tiniest cell in our body to the gigantic supernovae!
In my personal opinion, religion should be practised religiously(in its true form) and not blindly.


This is a very crucial word which ironically should not be open for free definitions.
Recently in a reality show named TROLL POLICE, I saw quite many vulgar and pathetic trolls and comments people do on celebrities and they term it as freedom! They say they are free to do so without even thinking what impact does it have on them.
This is where this term FREEDOM needs to free itself from freedom.
There is a thin line and limit for everything and that’s what I believe freedom is.
It is your free will to do anything but within a limit. Freedom of an individual is a mandate but dangerous at the same time. So, be a free bird but know, that sky is the limit!


Please marry not for a COMPROMISE, not for a SACRIFICE, not for NEED but for your WISH! Thank you😇


I would want to sum it up in one—
Language is meant to break barriers but mostly it creates more!

Violence and war…

Probably the most disgusting thing created by humans. I feel violence and war is just an escape for people who aren’t much sorted in life. And their frustration results in devastations. People tend to search for peace everywhere else and just fail to realize that it lies within their own selves!


Like everyone else, I would not call politics DIRTY but dirtily cleaned!
It’s like a web of which if you know how to come out, you shine but if you don’t, you get stuck forever

What ideal life would look like according to you…

Well, my idea of an ideal life is to have NO PRESUMED IDEA! Because that’s how you ruin your ideal life… I believe in ‘Go with the flow’!

The Millennial’s mind – 3

When humans find incomprehensible things they either dread it or admire it. The meaning of life is one such thing which has forever remained uncomprehended or at least by the majority of us. My fascination towards this greatest enigma of all grows with every passing second and  every new human I meet. This quest of finding the meaning of our existence enthralls me, and my way of going about this quest is to ask my fellow millennials the questions I seek to answer myself. I’m like a lost traveler in the wilderness who needs to find his way back home, but couldn’t on his own. I tend to ask every  passerby the way to home. Sometimes they tell me the way to their home and sometimes they are as lost as me. I’m not sure whether the home I claim to have really exists, but I know for certain that there is a road which leads to my home.

This is one such inquiry I made my friend in my quest which showed me new roads and new light to consider walking on.

Your opinion about meaning of life…

Life is what you make it to be. I don’t believe in there being an agenda for which we have been created or a purpose that we must fulfill. Live however you want to and do those things that add meaning to your journey.

Your view point of society…

Society essentially being an extended circle of acquaintances but it just translates to a group of people whose standards we are expected to follow nowadays for me.

…about the life of a women in the modern world?

I feel that women in the modern world are evolving. It’s too broad of a topic for me to give an opinion on. But it’s nice to see that the women are now conscious that they do have the freedom to do many things and are taking advantage of all the opportunities.

What are the values along which you wish to live your life?

I believe in “live and let live”. I don’t have a problem with anybody’s habits or actions as long as they don’t interfere with me. And I hope to help my friends and family out however I can.

Your opinion on…


Very liberating. Definitely recommend it for stressful times.

Love :

Overrated. Sure I believe in love but the over romanticized version with soul mates and the like….too much bruh.


Honestly don’t get why it’s such a taboo. One thing I know for sure is that we certainly do need sexual education.

Work ethics:

I’ve noticed that having strong work ethics leaves people generally more satisfied. So I’m all up for it.

Marriage :

Nice concept except when you are pressurized to hold a gala event spending way more than you can afford to, for a 3 day celebration.

Religion :

Believe in whoever you want but don’t impose one religion on people following another religion. And also no religion preaches wars or terrorism so assign blame to people not religions.


Freedom is still a pseudo concept where we aren’t slaves to some foreigners anymore but still are slaves to other factors like time, peer pressure and other social confines .

Language :

A means to make yourself understandable to others. If there is a common language which will make communication easier among a large group of people …by all means accept it.

Violence and War:

Best avoided. The damage done after acts of violence and wars are truly heart breaking.


It is in a terrible condition right now. Most of the politics in our country is selfish and will lead to no good for the country.

The future of Door delivery need not be drones

The Door delivery by Drones has made a buzz lately and is making it to the headlines frequently for it’s potential to give a solution for the super fast door delivery promises of our e-commerce websites and even more frequently for the ethical and legal implications of using Drones for the fore stated purpose. The Technology of drones and UAVs are not new and they have been around since the time of the first world war. What made people excited about them in the recent times is the reduction in the size of the tech and the wider availability of the components and economical ways to build our own drones. A lot of amateur techies are building their own drones for both leisure activities as well as to establish a future business based of drones. Though operating drones in public places is illegal and prohibited in many countries, it hasn’t diminished the enthusiasm of the people who are on Drone technologies.

The unveiling of Amazon’s plans to make door deliveries using drones in record speed, made this tech to come into the limelight and a lot of other companies to follow suite. Though the drones could deliver on the promise of super fast product deliveries in sparsely populated and areas with less buildings and more open areas, the promise of a true doorstep delivery will be very tricky to realize in congested urban locations. The solutions of having designated drop zones in every neighborhood and us picking up our deliveries from there doesn’t sound like a good solution for me, because if I want to wait for the product to arrive and then go out and fetch it, then I could instead drive straight to the nearest supermarket and buy it. I find the other solutions too, very unrealistic and unnecessarily complicated.

I find using quadrapeds and rover type robots as the best option to provide door deliveries in congested urban spaces as they have the ability to safely navigate indoor spaces and climb stairs. Also in case of any malfunctions or system failures we wouldn’t have a marred product due to the unavoidable free fall as in the case of drones. The current drone systems doesn’t provide any locking system to safe guard the product during transit or at the delivery site as having such a system adds up the weight of the drone and makes it even more uneconomical to operate. But in the case of Quadrapeds, it can to be designed to be a locker on legs. And also quadrapeds can make the delivery irrespective of the weather, unlike drones which needs clear skies to work safely.

Indeed, at present the drone technology is more developed than quadrapeds and is technologically and economically more feasible, but they have a lot of drawbacks which make them the worst fit for delivery applications in congested urban areas. Drones are best suited to make deliveries in long distance open areas, but are not the ones to deliver things to and from around the block in urban spaces. But still even to make deliveries by quadrapeds and rovers we are a long way away from making them a feasible reality. I’m looking forward to see how things pan out.